Monday, March 30, 2009

Not Me Monday

This Not Me Monday is in honor of Precious Stellan. He is MckMama's 5 month old son who is in PICU with SVT. He is fighting for his life. Please continue to keep this baby and his parents in your prayers. Please check out his mom's site at

I did not wake up all through the night all week long just to pray for Stellan.

I did not completely fall apart several times this week thinking and praying for this special little boy.

I did not go out and buy a card and a gift certificate from Wal-Mart for them and send it off. Seeing that I have no clue who they are except through blogging, I totally wouldn't do anything like that.

I did not get up every morning and run to my computer to see if anything significant happened overnight.

I did not check twitter and every 10 minutes or so throughout everyday just to see if there were any updates on Stellan.

I did not totally consume my thoughts about this little boy all week long!

I did not tell all my friends and family to pray for this precious boy whom I don't even know.

I also did not post about him on my blog several times. Seeing that I don't know the sweet baby, I wouldn't do anything like that. Not me!

This sweet baby has not touched me in a way you wouldn't believe. Nope, no one could do that that I don't eve know. Not this sweet, Stellan!

It's amazing the things that you won't do for a family that you don't even know.


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Domestically Disabled Girl said...

I did not do any of those things either. I was so nervous to check her blog yesterday and today.

Laura said...

I have a gift also to send but I can't seem to get the address - would you mind sending it to me please? Thank you!

Mrs. Cline said...

Thank you for blessing MckMama and Stellan with your NMM!


Anonymous said...

Hey Sheila---wow, you asked for prayer, and now I am addicted to Stellan's story. It took me several hours to read her website, and now I am constantly "checking in" on Stellan to see how he's doing. Bubba and I have really prayed for that sweet child. Thanks for posting this on your blog and asking others for prayer---Miracles still happen!!!

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