Tuesday, March 3, 2009

God's Beauty

Quint and I got to go away this weekend for a fellowship reunion with my work. Quint's brother and my sister in law came with us as well. We had an awesome time together!! The weekend was absolutely beautiful. We went to a camp retreat right outside Helen, GA. This weekend we had many opportunities to explore and appreciate God's beauty. The mountains were so georgeous and peaceful. Just looking around thinking that our God made this was just amazing. Then to go and sing about it, it was completely awesome. It rained off and on the whole time we were there and even the rain in the mountains was beautiful. On the way home, we got to experience a great amount of snow. It snowed on us almost the entire way home. How amazing it was to watch the snow fall and to remind me of Christ's forgiveness. I thought of the old hymn several times and the verse that says, "He washed me white as snow" as the snow continued to fall on our car during the drive home. God has great ways of bringing His children back to Him and reminding us of who really is in charge. This weekend was a perfect example of that and exactly what I needed to be refreshed and reminded on how awesome our God is!

We were also able to spend good, quality time with J &J. It had been years since we were able to go off together and just have fun. We all have had kids since our last adventure and this brought back many sweet memories. God places certain people in your lives for a reason and this weekend was a great reminder of that! You could tell that we were more exhausted and not as energetic as we use to be on our adventures, but that didn't keep us from having fun!

All in all, God put many reminders in front of me of His beauty! His beauty when it comes to the mountains, the rain, the snow, nature in general and then His beauty when it comes to family and how lucky we are to experience God's beauty together on this earth.

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