Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Do I feel spring in the air?

It has been such a beautiful past few days. It's so wierd how we had snow last weekend and then in flip flops and shorts this weekend. The weather has been absolutely beautiful! It was such a great weekend, we decided to take Caden and my nieces to the zoo this past Saturday. It was so much fun! Caden had lots of fun looking at all the animals and making their sounds. He was smiling the entire day. It was great family time. My dad and Shannon even came up there which was really nice! We played on the new playground at the zoo and just had a great day all around. Unfortunatley I don't have the pictures with me to post now..I'll have to post them when we get home.

I can't wait for the weather to continue to become spring time and then into summer. How the seasons just fly by. When I think of seasons, I think of friends, family, laughter, experiences and fun! Each season brings a new day and a new start. Are there any new starts you need to make right now? I've always heard the saying, "Friends come in Seasons." Which now that I'm almost 30...I'm finding is absolutely true. You only have a handful of great friends, but friends really do come and go just like the seasons. Let your friends know how much you love them!!! I just this past Sunday heard the saying, "A friend to everyone is a friend to no one." Think about that one. If you spend all your time being everyone's friend, you really will have no quality time with any of your friends. You can spread yourself too thin. I'm learning not to do that, I'd rather be a great friend to a few people rather than a lousy friend to a lot of people. God has put some awesome friends in my life, some which have gone their seperate ways now and some of which are still great friends of mine. I thank God everyday for the friends He has lead my way. Each of them which I can learn something new from, each of which, I hope I can teach them something new in life.

So, spring is in the air.........friendships are planted, watered and blossoming. I want all my friends to know how much I love you and am so glad you are in my life!!!! You know who you are and a few of you are my IRL bloggy friends too....Jessica, Cassandra, Heather....I love you girls more than you will ever know. Thanks for all the prayers, encouragement, laughter and fun! You girls are the best!

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Cassandra said...

Great post! Love you too!!!

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Beautiful share!

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