Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hurt & Confused

See, what had happened was....just when I thought yesterday was over, today started and it's not much better. Wow, all my bloggy friends are going to think that I never have good days. I promise I do, I just started this bloggy thing at a time of need. But, maybe that's a good thing because then I can vent some and then move on. I promise I will have much more fun posts than the ones lately. That's a bloggy promise!

I got a phone call around lunch today from my friend who keeps Caden for me. She was calling to tell me that her husband told her that she couldn't keep him anymore. Why? You ask...because he's sick too much?!?!? I'm just trying to wrap my head around it. Caden has been sick a lot lately, but the majority of his sickness' have been ear infections which aren't even contagious. He's probably had 4 ear infections this winter alone. I know, no luck for me. He does have strep and thrush right now, but as soon as I found out he had strep, I called her right away so she would know. It's not like I would let him get her kids sick on purpose. I feel very hurt because before I even took Caden out of daycare we had a long discussion on the fact that I needed to know that this was a permenant situation and that everything would work out. I would have loved a much better reason other than he was sick too much. I'm extremely confused with that.

Anyway, to make matters worse I ended up hurting my bff's feelings really bad today. I NEVER meant to hurt her feelings the way that I did today. See, she has offered many times to keep Caden for me long term. She's kept him plenty for me on short notices, etc. But, I've never acted on her wanting to keep him long term. Reason for that is that I would never want anything to get between our friendship. When it comes to money, kids, etc. there are too many factors that could make us bicker or get in the way and I would never risk our friendship over that. Unfortunatley she got her feelings hurt in the process of me figuring it all out. Luckily, we are such great friends that we were able to talk about it, make things okay with us and then go to a dinner and a movie just her and I. It ended up being a great ending to an awful day!

Anyway, so there it is...there's my blog for today and the reason I'm so hurt & confused.

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Cassandra said...

You know I love you no matter what! I had a great girls night out with you! Goodness knows we both needed it! I am always here for you no matter what happens!

Jen said...

Sorry you had a rough day!! Glad you work things out with your friend. That's true friendship! When you can be completely honest and move passed it!!

I am here from SITS!!


Sarah said...

I am glad you were able to work things out. Sometimes things can get tricky when you are really close to a friend and sometimes goes a little wrong.
Have a great Sunday!

momstheword said...

I totally understand. My friends and I would babysit each other's kids but it did get rather tricky sometimes. One friend rarely watched her own kids as carefully as I watched mine so she always made me a little nervous, lol! I had to leave her with a list of rules (like don't let him play in the street, he's only four) and stuff like that. I'm glad you were able to talk it out.

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