Thursday, February 19, 2009

1:45 AM & I'm Tired

So, it's 1:45 am and I'm up with a screaming child who refuses to go back to sleep. We haven't had this problem in over a week. See, Caden has been sick. He's had a severe ear infection with coughing and wheezing. He was on breathing treatments, steroids and the antibiotic. I believe the steroids make him "crazy!" Caden was through with his 4 days of steroids, so he hasn't had it in about a week. He started to have the "horse" sound in his voice, so I decided to give him the steroid again to see if it would help. OMG....absolutely the WRONG thing to do. The child is absolutely crazy. (He did this originally while he was on the steroid as well). I thought it would be worth the craziness just to make him better. I'm actually starting to re-think that. I'm about to go absolute nuts! My great hubby is with him now and then it will be my turn again in a few. He's actually got him calmed down a bit watching cartoons. This is going to make for a long day tomorrow. Luckily, I get to work from home, but poor hubby has to go into work.

So, after fighting him for the past hour to go back to sleep, we gave in and came into the living room to watch cartoons until he can't hold his little eyes open anymore. Is that bad? Nights like this makes me re-think whether I want more children or not..haha! I mean, of course we want more children, but oh my, this is crazy!

Obviously, you can tell that I'm delirious from being so sleep I'm going to end this before I keep rambling on and on and on and on and on...yea, you get the point.

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Susan said...

Those steroids do make them crazy! We've used them at our house on many occassions for the wheezing and when the treatment was done they were pinging off the walls! Hope he feels better soon and that you can rest some today!

klynch said...

aww poor thing I hope he feel better soon that is awful. I hope you also get some rest I know the feeling of wanting to sleep and being so very tired. I've never had to give my little one steriods hopefully I will not.

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