Monday, April 27, 2009

Did I really get to see the baby?

Wow...Did I really get to see our baby today?

My sweet hubby and I were right on time for our 9:10 appt. today for the ultrasound. We were so excited we could hardly contain ourselves in the waiting room. We kept talking about how even more real this would be once we saw the baby and heard the heartbeat. The excitement was very present in our faces!!!

So, then it's our turn. Again, we just jumped up and practically ran back to the room. The technician started the ultrasound and I kept asking, "do you see the baby yet?" Of course, she answered YES!!!! YAY! Really? Are you sure you see our baby in there? I mean last time, we never got this far, so we want to be really sure you see our precious baby! She said that it was too early to see the heartbeat, but the baby looked great! The fetal pole was there, the sac and everything was just where it needed to be! She said we were on a great path and to come back later in the week to see the heartbeat!!! Quint and I just looked at each other with so much excitement and practically ran out of there with picture in hand!

So, here it is...our precious Baby!!!

We go back again this Thursday at 1:00 to hopefully see the heartbeat! Until then, above is our very first picture of our precious baby!

Caden can't wait to be a big brother!!!

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Heather said...

Aww...I have chills! I am so happy for you.

Cassandra said...

SO excited for you!!! I can't wait to meet HER!!!!

Jenny said...


Anonymous said...

So happy for y'all! Here's to a healthy pregnancy and baby!

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