Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Amazing God How Can It Be

I've been thinking a lot about my strength in God. Just things in life these past few weeks have brought up many questions on strength. Strength when you are going through hard times in life with work, strength with your children, strength with your marriage, strength with your family, just strength in general. Even times when I think I have no strength left, I seem to find it and be strong when I need to be.

God protects us, God never fails us, God loves us, God comforts us. All these thoughts come to my mind over and over a lot lately. How do you find strength when you need it most? Unfortunatley, I've had to find a lot of strength over the past years even.

I went through 2 miscarriages - I had to find strength.

My sweet little boy Caden was born with a kidney disease and has gone through two surgeries. I had to find strength, LOTS of strength!

My boss at work passed away back in January. I just broke down and lost it. I soon had to gather my strength to be able to get through the days to come.

My little boy started having some scary visions/nightmares, not sure what it was, but I had to find the strength to comfort him even when I was terrified myself.

And many more things!

So, how do we find strength? The only way I know to find it, that is turn to God! Turn to God for everything. No matter what the circumstance, God will have the answer for you. God will comfort you when you need it, He will protect us when we need it, He will NEVER fail us. That is a hard lesson to learn, that He won't fail us.....but the bible is true and His word says that God never fails, so I have to believe that!

I find myself lately praying without ceasing. The bible says to pray without ceasing. I really never understood what that meant, but lately I'm beginning to grasp that concept. I talk to God all the time. Just like He's my best friend. Unfortunatley, I started that because I got so scared after Caden had his little episode of seeing someone in the house. (Or thinking he did) It scared me so bad, I had to just constantly talk to God to protect us, protect our minds and thoughts and protect my house and family. I'm sure God is trying to teach me to lean on Him more, that He will take care of us. Whatever He is trying to tell me, I'm listening.

I'm just really rambling in this blog, but I just wanted to post some of the things I'm learning lately. Finding strength is constant in life and God will always be there to give it to us. Pray all the time and always turn to God no matter what the circumstance!


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Cassandra said...

Welcome back & what a great post! It's amazing what God teaches us when we don't even realize we need to be taught!

Nancy said...

Hey girl! I am planning to do a post on the little ones of the little ones I loved in second grade and would love to include you and Quint! If you could possibly do a post with photos of your family in a fall setting, maybe around some pumpkins, etc I would truly appreciate being able to use one of your pics and then linking back to your site! Look forward to it! and much love to you and Quint.

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